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Athletics Australia Strategic Plan

Athletics Australia (AA), in consultation with its staff and key partners, has developed the 2018-2021 strategic plan to lead the sport of athletics in Australia to future growth and success.

Throughout this process, Athletics Australia’s mission has been forefront of mind, with our commitment to the health of all Australians by building and connecting Australian Sport’s largest and most active participation base.

Furthermore, as we work through the current Olympiad, we will provide unwavering support to our high performance athletes to ensure they achieve international success.

In delivering this mission, we remain steadfast to our values of integrity, innovation, excellence and inclusion, which form the foundation of every decision we make. Beginning with an identification of the challenges and risks facing our sport, the first step was to consolidate our overarching vision. This vision is to create one sport with well-supported, seamlessly connected competitions, events and programs to deliver athletics to every Australian, regardless of age, ability or location.

From this, Athletics Australia prioritised its aims, creating tangible goals from which we could benchmark our progress over the next four years. What resulted was the following five key pillars and objectives, which in the plan are further broken down into smaller initiatives and broad measures of success:

1. High Performance - Create an environment for our HP athletes and coaches to achieve international success

2. Participation - Build on our connection with Australian sport’s largest participation base

3. Sport Delivery - Deliver high quality, exciting and relevant competitions and events

4. Commercial - Develop and deliver commercial value to grow the sport

5. One Sport - Lead and deliver a seamless experience for our athletics community

The formation of this strategic plan was not only about looking forward - it also involved looking back on what we have done and building upon our previous plan. This entailed analysing what needed to change in the sport, while also acknowledging our strengths and successes.

Community consultation conducted in the formulating the previous 2030 Vision for Athletics was also considered and together has provided the backbone for this revised 3 year plan.


Athletics Australia – strategic plan on a page


Athletics Australia – full three year strategic plan

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