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U17 Development Squad

Launched in 2006 this squad consists of athletes in each discipline selected by the National Junior Coaches (NJC) based on performance and potential.

Athletes are selected by the National Junior Coaches based on performances in competition and potential. The squad meets for one camp each year with the athletes’ personal coach invited to a concurrent coach education program.

Aims of the program:

  • To identify and bring together talented athletes for the purpose of educating them in sport science practices and for coaching assistance from the NJCs
  • For talented athletes to find enjoyment in the U17 program and to aspire to continue on to the next level e.g. World Youths, U19 program, World Juniors
  • To create a network of contacts to support athletes and coaches of the future (e.g. AA staff, NJC, sport science)
  • To increase the athlete’s knowledge in order to promote behaviours that enhance elite level performance

Athletics Australia’s U17 Development Squad is an excellent opportunity athletes their personal coaches to work with some of the Australia’s best coaches in an intensive camp held at the Australian Institute of Sport. Athletics Australia invests in our U17 athletes and coaches by providing this development opportunity which includes training and education sessions in a variety of different areas.  These include; psychology, injury prevention and management, nutrition, high performance life skills, supplements & ASADA, strength & conditioning and recovery to name a few. 

2016 under 17 squad members

The 2016 U17 Development includes athletes born in 2000

The squad will met for a camp from the 12th - 15th  May at the AIS

Congratulations to the following athletes and their personal coaches who have been selected for the 2016 U17 Development Squad: 


Pole Vault Olivia Caldow Paul Burgess WA
Pole Vault Raphaela Corney James Fitzpatrick TAS
Pole Vault Tatjana Fischer Paul Burgess WA
Pole Vault Lauren Hyde-Cooling Paul Burgess WA
Walks Eliza Clarke Matt Owen VIC
Walks Tim Fraser Val Chesterton ACT
Walks Katie Hayward Steve Langley QLD
Walks Gabby Hunt Val Chesterton ACT
Distance Zoe Brito-Babapulle Libby Brito-Babapulle VIC
Distance Justin Currie Brian Chapman QLD
Distance Heidi Demeo Lisa Verstraten VIC
Distance Jordan Doris Phil Austen NSW
Distance Clarissa Herbst Shane Ellis WA
Distance James Lightfoot David Lightfoot VIC
Distance Catherine Miller Peter Miller NSW
Distance Kang Nyoak Mich Whiteoak VIC
Distance Ebony Webb Jy Webb TAS
Throws Liam Gartlan Matt Barber WA
Throws Dharmanjot Gill Scott Martin VIC
Throws Siiva Tafiti Des Davies QLD
Throws Lewis Thompson Ernie Shankelton NSW
Horizontal Jumps Caitlin Blackman Albert Cianfrini WA
Horizontal Jumps Zane Branco Mick Hooper /Bec Brice QLD
Horizontal Jumps Grace Brennan Phil Alchin ACT
Horizontal Jumps Keirra Lesa Jeff Clancy QLD
Horizontal Jumps Catherine Mendes Ashley Mendes VIC
Horizontal Jumps Benjamin Schmidtchen Gary Patterson QLD
Hammer Mitchell Fekete Brett Green QLD
Hammer Caitlyn Hester Desmond Davis QLD
Hammer Dominique Holland Bre Clement / Karyne Di Marco NSW
Hammer James Joycey Demetri Dionisopoulos VIC
Hammer Stephanie Ratcliffe Andrew Stirling VIC
Sprints Jessie Andrew Darren Clark VIC
Sprints Ella Connolly Gary Patterson QLD
Sprints Riley Day Donna Thomas QLD
Sprints Emma Downey Antony Drinkwater-Newman QLD
Sprints Kristie Edwards Melinda Gainsford Taylor NSW
Sprints James Gallaugher Lyn Foreman WA
Sprints Tamara Hotten Gary Patterson QLD
Sprints Cara Jardine Judith Jardine QLD
Sprints Maisie Stevens Mal Baker NSW
Hurdles Riley Armstrong Lyn Foreman WA
Hurdles Abbey Badrock Al Mc Lean VIC
Hurdles Preston Degarnham Glen Degarnham QLD
Hurdles Annamaria Leszczynksa Susan Fulop ACT
Hurdles Sebastien Moir Andy Burton NSW
Hurdles Lateisha Willis Peter Benifer VIC
High Jump Megan Hooper Bo Szalek WA
High Jump Sean Szalek Bo Szalek WA
High Jump Jonathan Lightfoot Alessandro Bisetto VIC
High Jump Simioluwa Thomsen-Ajayi Jeff Clancy QLD
High Jump Saxon Wallace-Hoyle Matt Horsnell NSW
Javelin Ellie Bowyer Grahame Pitt QLD
Javelin Bradley Butler John Eden VIC
Javelin Lara Ilievski Grant Ward WA
Javelin Neil Janse Desmond Davis QLD
Javelin Matthew McVey Lukas Cannan NSW
Javelin Alexandra Roberts Brett Green QLD
Javelin Chelsea Turner Grant Ward WA
Combined Events Ashley Moloney Eric Brown QLD
Combined Events Camryn Newton-Smith Ralph Newton QLD
Combined Events Jasmine Stanberg Mike Barber NSW
Combined Events Jackson Whiley Greg Simpson NSW
Combined Events Caitlyn Hicks Graham Garnet NSW

2017 U17 Development squad
The 2017 U17 Development Squad includes athletes born in 2001. The squad will meet for one camp in May.  

DATE: Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th May 2017
Personal coaches are invited to attend from the evening of Friday 12th - Sunday 14th May. 


NOMINATION: To be eligible for selection, both athlete & personal coach must nominate via the link below. Online nominations close Tuesday 4 April 2017

Squad photo gallery

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