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Athletics Australia’s philanthropic arm, The Athletics Foundation is working towards a sustainable future for Australian athletics. The Foundation focuses on increasing access to a pathway in the sport for every Australian providing funding to eligible Australian athletes, coaches, officials and clubs, through the provision of scholarships and financial support.

Throughout a partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, The Athletics Foundation now is a fully registered charity with DGR status, which brings its own benefits including the ability to make tax deductible donations. 

The work previously done by the Foundation has assisted in helping elite athletes, and now, will also provide much needed support to all levels and all elements of athletics, including Little Athletics Centres, schools and regional communities.

Athletics Australian operates solely on high performance funding and grants from the Australian Government, coupled with the generous support of sponsors, but there is still so much of our community that is in need of extra support to continue their own journey in our sport.

As a registered charity, individuals, entities or groups are able to make tax deductible donations to support the future of Australian Athletics.  For more information or to make a tax deductible donation, visit

Contact Athletics Australia for more information: 

P: (03) 8646 4550