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Sporting Schools is a $320 million Australian Government initiative designed to help schools to increase children's participation in sport, and to connect them with community sporting opportunities.

Athletics Australia is delighted to offer its Sporting Schools programs as an introduction to team-based activities, in an age-appropriate format focused on fun and keeping kids moving. The focus of the program is on skill development, building a generation of active, healthy, sport-loving children whilst most importantly having fun.

Athletics Australia Programs

Athletics Australia offers a flexible primary school and secondary school programs to meet the individual needs of schools. 

Primary School Program:

Kids' Athletics

Kids’ Athletics is a highly engaging participation-based program delivered in three skill levels to cover all age groups at primary school:

  1. Beginner (Prep – Grade 2)
  2. Intermediate (Grade 3 – 4)
  3. Advanced (Grade 5 – 6)

The program is fully aligned with all relevant school curriculum competencies and have been shown (through independent research) to support the development of physical literacy across all four domains (physical, psychological, social, and cognitive). There are resources available for teachers delivering the programs including a manual for each skill level.

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Kids’ Athletics in partnership with Special Olympics Australia (Suitable for students with intellectual disability or autism)


This is an adapted version of the Kids’ Athletics program, catering for students with intellectual disabilities and autism. It has been designed by Athletics Australia in partnership with Special Olympics Australia for delivery in special education environments. Coaches are purposefully trained and provided with additional resources to deliver inclusive programs and to adapt activities to suit the needs of participating students.

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Secondary School Program - Novo Athletics



Novo Athletics is a non-traditional athletics program designed for secondary school students in Years 7 and 8 to develop their competence and capability to confidently engage in sport and a healthy lifestyle. The focus is on fun, fitness and increased competence rather than gaining sport specific skills. Novo Athletics aims to engage all participants with a variety of basic athletics movements of run, jump and throw through team-based activities. 

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Primary and Secondary School Program – Run Active


Athletics Australia's Run Active is a fun, games-based progressive running/fitness program for primary and secondary students. This 4 to 8 week program consists of a range of age and developmentally appropriate activities that promote enjoyment of physical activity, development of physical literacy, and provides a basis for an active lifestyle.

The delivery of the product can be modified by the number of sessions (minimum 4), and implemented either internally (teacher delivered program including accreditation course and coaching manual), or externally (Athletics Australia sourced coach).

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Club Connect

In 2022, Athletics Australia will be providing Athletics Clubs and coaches the opportunity to connect with Primary Schools via Sport Australia’s latest initiative, Club Connect. Sport Australia (via Sporting Schools) launched Club Connect as a before/after school program to help students transition from sport in schools to sport in clubs. We will be offering our latest program called Run Active in Terms 1 and 2.

For further information on participating in Club Connect, please contact and visit our page.


For more information on these programs please contact Athletics Australia via