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Athletics Australia is committed to providing support to athletes as they progress towards senior representation. There are a number of programs, supported by Athletics Australia and our partners, that aim to assist athletes on their progression through this pathway.


In 2023 the Athletics Australia Target Talent program (TTP) aims to offer a flexible education model incorporating online Webinars and an associated Learning portal in conjunction with Practical Masterclasses in each state. TTP will aim to offer a greater environment for athletes to gain further knowledge to aid their performance development towards achieving higher performance standards. The TTP Award will be managed by Athletics Australia and supported by the local state Member Associations.

Athletes are able to achieve the TTP Bronze, Silver and Gold Award by completing each of the units offered through the use of the AA learning Portal and Webinars, hosted by the Athletics Australia Pathway Discipline Coordinators and experienced coaches.

To achieve the TTP Award each year, athletes will need to engage in the following:

  • Complete all education Webinars and the required online assessment
  • Complete a Goal Setting unit upon selection and Season Review at the end of the competition season.
  • Participate in atleast 1 Practical Masterclass.

Education Webinars

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Sport Psychology
  • Athlete Wellbeing
  • Injury Risk Reduction
  • Biomechanics
  • Performance Planning

Practical Masterclasses

The aim is to connect High Performance Staff / Coaches / Athletes with talented athletes in each state.

Each state will hold a minimum of 2 Masterclasses which will target identified needs in each of their states. Coaches will be included in the consideration of Masterclass content and opportunities for HP Coach education is encouraged.


Topic Webinar Date Presentation Presenter Register
Nutrition June 14, 2023 How to Stay Healthy Bryce Anderson (Click Here)
Sport Psychology July 12, 2023 Defining and Refining Consistent, Repeatable Psychological Processes Jacqui Sandland (Click Here)
Injury Risk Reduction August 16, 2023 Loads and Monitoring Rob Mullard (Click Here)
Physiology September 13, 2023 Training Intensity Distribution and Periodisation Bryce Anderson (Click Here)
Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement October 11, 2023 Values, Purpose and Strengths Belinda Creer (Click Here)
Biomechanics November 8, 2023 Skill Acquisition and Learning Tarryn Elvish & Kirstie Turner (Click Here)
Performance Planning December 6, 2023 Performance Execution Adam Didyk (Click Here)


Athletics Australia's (AA) Pathway Transition Program (PTP) is a program that supports Australian athletes who are demonstrating potential to achieve AA's HP Program goals and targets at Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, World Championships, and Commonwealth Games, but who are not yet categorised on AAs National Athlete Support Structure (NASS). The program provides performance support, planning assistance, and other developmental opportunities to athletes, with the strategic aim of bridging the gap between successful junior performance and medal winning performance at senior level. The focus will be in the Under-20 age group, however Under-23 athletes can be selected on a case-by-case basis.

Key performance services benefits for PTP athletes and coaches:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Biomechanics
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Physiology
  • Strength and Conditioning

Other benefits include:

  • Athlete Well-being and Engagement Support
  • Travel assistance budget to support attendance at camps and key competitions
  • Coach development opportunities
  • A national PTP camp

PTP Selection Document


NASS is Athletics Australia’s system that supports Australian athletes with demonstrated potential to achieve AAs targets at the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, and World Championships.

In general, NASS membership typically begins once an athlete finishes their membership at TTP level and is transitioning into the Open age group, but athletes can join the program at any time. The NASS program itself is serviced through the relevant member of the National Institute Network (NIN). Further information about NASS can be found here.


A number of our Member Association partners have their own athlete support schemes, aimed at assisting developing athletes who have not been selected onto NASS. An example of this program is the SA Emerging Program. Check with your State Athletics Association to see what may be available to you.


AA are also very keen to keep close contact with Australian athletes who are attending college/university in the US to support them in making the best decision for their future, as well as providing on-going support and communication for athletes already at college in the US.

To assist athletes in making a decision, we’ve put together a guide on Navigating the USA Collegiate System.

We also have the following video in which Adam Didyk and Sean Whipp discuss the NCAA system and application process.

If you’re considering attending college in the US and are happy for Athletics Australia to pass your details onto colleges, please fill out the NCAA Recruitment Availability Form below.

Once you decide to attend college in the US, and wish to keep in contact with Athletics Australia, please complete the NCAA Athlete Declaration Form below, which will give you access to the AA NCAA Facebook group.

Further information about NCAA recruitment and eligibility can be found below, as well as Information on the recruiting calendar.


If you have questions around the college system, or are a college coach wishing to discuss athletes, please contact:

Adam Didyk -


Athletics International is an organisation set up to provide a forum through which former and current elite athletes can put something back into the sport. They provide social opportunities around major athletic events and milestones for you to cement or renew acquaintances, and support junior and emerging athletes with grants. If you have represented Australia at the highest level, won an Australian Open athletics championship, or held an Australian Open record you are probably eligible to join. 


Craig Pickering

Athlete Pathways Manager


Adam Didyk

Pathways Transition Lead


Steve Caddy

Paralympic Pathways Lead