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Clarification regarding selection for the 2022 World Athletics Championships

Published Thu 07 Jul 2022

Athletics Australia would like to clarify the nomination and selection process for the Australian team for the 2022 World Athletics Championships, following intense social media speculation.

Upon nominations opening for the three major championships held in 2022 (World Athletics Championships, Commonwealth Games and World Athletics Under 20 Championships), athletes and coaches were required to read and understand the selection and nomination policies for the respective teams.

The policy for the 2022 World Athletics Championships differed this year to give athletes the flexibility in deciding to aim for up to three international teams, understanding that it is not always beneficial to compete at multiple championships within one year. We can confirm that no changes were made to the selection criteria following AA Board sign off in October 2021.

Selection, as per any other year, is made by Athletics Australia’s Panel of Selectors; an independent group appointed by the Athletics Australia Board, whose purpose is to determine the composition of Australian teams. To read the selection policy for the 2022 World Athletics Championships, click here.

Despite this process, we acknowledge that the policy was not well understood, which brought the integrity of AA into question, and we deeply apologise for this.

We also apologise for miscommunication that occurred between an athlete and an AA staff member regarding automatic selection, however this was rectified by AA’s Chair of Selectors; the only person authorised to speak on selection matters. To avoid this happening again, we are now looking at improving methods of communication moving forward to ensure the correct information is broadcast as soon as a policy is published.

At this time and always, we put the mental health and wellbeing of athletes first, and we ask you that you respect their privacy at this time. We do remain concerned about unfounded allegations affecting their wellbeing. Athletics Australia acknowledges that there has been significant commentary on social media in recent days, some of which breaches AA’s Code of Conduct. AA will not be publishing any material on social media in order to respect the rights and opinions of the Australian athletics community.

If any athletes have concerns about their wellbeing, please reach out to AA’s Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement Manager, Melanie Purkiss ( Athletics Australia has a range of integrity policies and if any members of the community feel that there has been a breach of those policies, they can reach out to AA’s National Integrity and Risk Manager, Simon Thompson ( should there be concerns about integrity matters both at AA or within the community.

Athletes and coaches at the World Athletics Championships and/or the Commonwealth Games are able to speak directly to AA President and CEO, Jan Swinhoe and Peter Bromley who will make themselves available at any time during either of the championships.

By Sascha Ryner, Athletics Australia
Posted: 7/7/2022