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All record applications must be submitted through the online record portal 

Application FormsTrack |  Field  |  Out of Stadia |  Combined Events - Once completed these are to be uploaded to the portal. Athletes must complete this process within 28 days of the performance. Forms will not be accpeted unless filled in correctly. Records can only be broken at a meet that is listed on the World Athletics Global Calendar - click here

Para Athletes - to check your classification status click here

Australian Records as at 4 April 2024

Australian Tour Meet Records as at 7 February 2024

Australian Para Records as at 9 April 2024

Australian All Schools Athletics Championships - Meet Records as at 31st December 2023

Australian Open Nationals -  Championship Records - as at 7th April 2024

Australian Junior Nationals -  Championship Records - - as at 7th April 2024

Please note - record application forms are not required to be submitted for an Australian Championship, World Continental Tour meet or a major Championship (Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Para Championships or the World Athletics Championships)

All events up to and including 800m, must be Fully Automatic Photo Finish timing including the zero-control test.

Athletics Australia wishes to thank Ronda Jenkins and the Competitions team for updating and overseeing Australian Records. All questions should be directed to the AA Competitions Manager -