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First Nations Programs

Athletics Australia is committed to providing participation and development opportunities to all First Nations communities. Athletics Australia is investing in Member Associations to provide opportunities for the expansion of our programs in each state and territory, increasing access to Athletics for all. 


Rio Tinto Athletics for the Outback

Athletics for the Outback is focussed on engaging regional and remote communities. This program is committed to long term and sustainable relationships with the communities we visit. The aim of Athletics for the Outback is to create relevant programs through a consultation process prior to delivery.

Athletics for the Outback comprises the following elements: 

  • Kids Athletics Clinics
  • School Clinics
  • Team Development
  • Event Development
  • Running Clubs
  • Teacher Upskilling
  • Athletics Carnivals
  • Community Coaching Courses


Reconciliation Action Plan 

In developing our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Athletics Australia commits to completing the actions within this RAP to ensure we are well-positioned to develop and deliver actions aimed at strengthening our relationships and improving outcomes for First Nations peoples and communities.  

Athletics Australia is currently undertaking an update to our RAP plan due to the expansion of our First Nations Programs in 2022. 

View Current RAP


Register your interest

If you would like Athletics for the Outback to visit your region/community or would like more information on Raise the Bar, please contact Emily Broderick, First Nations Manager, Athletics Australia at 


Athletics First Nations and RAP Advisory Group 

As Athletics Australia continues its reconciliation journey and continues to scale our First Nations programs across the country in conjunction with our partners, we have determined that it’s time to update and refresh our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) working group structure. As we look to develop a second Innovate RAP to follow on from our inaugural Innovate RAP launched in 2019, we are seeking to establish a new advisory group - open to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. 

The Group’s purpose will be to:

  1. Provide strategic advice to Athletics Australia Management and MAs across all aspects of engagement with First Nations people, including programs and initiatives; and 
  2. Guide the development of and actively contribute to the delivery of Athletics Australia’s second RAP. 


Terms of Reference

Expressions of Interest