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Athletics Australia Athlete Advisory Committee

Athletics Australia is delighted to announce the re-launch of the Athletes’ Advisory Committee (formerly known as the Athlete Advisory group).  The Athletes’ Advisory Committee consists of current high performance athletes and provides a mechanism for the views of high performance athletes to be heard.  

The Athletes’ Advisory Committee members are; Cam Crombie (Chair), Ben Buckingham (Vice Chair), Rhydian Cowley (Secretary), Jaryd Clifford, Linden Hall, Mackenzie Little, Madi De Rozario, Steve Solomon.  



We empower Australia’s high performance athletes by building and maintaining a supportive and consultative relationship with Athletics Australia. We act as a unified, trusted and transparent voice on matters relevant to recent, current and future athletes, therefore contributing to the progression of Athletics in Australia.


We aim to establish the Athletes’ Advisory Committee as a known and effective voice for high performance athletes, representing the athlete cohort and collaborating with other stakeholders to ensure that high performance athletes are a core part of decision making processes within Athletics Australia.

We seek to build and maintain trust between high performance athletes and Athletics Australia, and contribute to a safer, more effective and more welcoming environment for all high performance athletes.


The Athletes’ Advisory Committee (AAC) is established and supported by the Board of Athletics Australia (AA).  The purpose of the AAC is to: 
represent current and recent Australian high performance athletes;
provide a trusted mechanism for the views of high performance athletes to be heard by AA and those views to be considered when making decisions; 
provide AA with a consultative body who can be trusted to review and provide input on matters relating to high performance athletes;
help ensure that integrity and athlete wellbeing are appropriately addressed by AA; and
build a solid foundation from which future AAC’s can thrive and similarly support the next generation of high performance athletes

Selection and eligibility - the athletes were selected by a panel.  
Information sheet

Meeting Minutes (10.11.22)

Meeting Minutes (4.02.23)

Meeting Minutes (2.04.23)

Meeting Minutes (25.06.23)

Meeting Minutes (26.10.23)

Meeting Minutes (21.01.24)

Meeting Minutes (21.04.24)

Committee Members

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