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These panels have been established to provide input into the Athletics Australia High Performance department and throughout the High Performance community of the event group. The inital appointments will be through to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, replicating what already exists within the Para side of the program.

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Guided by the overarching statement of 'Australia versus the Rest of the World', the purpose of each Event Group Advisory Panel is to:

  • Bring together a group of High Performance experts and coaches who will discuss the spirit of the Event Group.
  • Identify how Australia can be successful at the World Championships, Olympic and Paralympic Games through the achievement of top 8 and medals in the Event Group through to 2032 (and beyond).

From within each of the Event Group Advisory Panels a leader will be established who will facilitate the group discussion and Event Group camps and initiatives. This role will need to be collaborative in nature and will not necessarily be anointed as the national 'subject matter expert'.

The following Event Group Advisory Panels have been established for the Para Program:

  • Sebastian Kuzminski, Iryna Dvoskina and Danny Kevan - Sprints and Jumps
  • Andrew Dawes, Louise Sauvage and Fred Periac - Wheelchair Track and Road

The following Advisory Panels have been established as integrated (Para and Able-body) panels:

  • Endurance
  • Throws

The identified Able Body Event Groups are:

  • Relays and Sprints
  • Hurdles
  • Jumps

The Event Group Advisory Panel will be voluntary, however associated expenses for completion of the role will be covered by Athletics Australia (e.g. travel to attend in situ meetings).

Preliminary work has also been undertaken within the following Event Groups: 

  • Relays and Sprints
  • Walks
  • Hurdles
  • Throws
  • Jumps
  • Combined Events


The members of the Event Group Advisory Panel should have a high level of expertise in Athletics, such as:

  • A retired athlete who has competed at an international level.
  • A coach who has coached athletes to an international level.
  • A performance support provider (e.g. therapist, scientist etc.) that has supported a specific Event Group athlete/coach's senior Championship preparation.


The Event Group Advisory Panel will meet virtually and in person to establish the plan for the Event Group which will include the calendar of camps, the upskilling of coaches and the overarching spirit and philosophy of the Event Group.

The appointed Event Group Advisory Panel members will need to undertake and regularly update anti-doping and integrity training and requirements as well as declare any potential conflict associated with their role on the panel.





Athletics Australia is seeking expressions of interest from recently retired international/national level para-athletes interested in high performance coaching to participate in the Para Athlete to Coach transition program.

Applications close 9 February 2024

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