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Historical Results and Documents



On the historical website you will find the historical results of athletics competition in Australia and international competition featuring Australians, national results and Australian Ranking lists.

For the Australian results, you can find them listed by both championship (where the data is available) and by event (for top three athletes only). These performances are also available listed by athlete.

You will also find links to all of Athletics Australia’s Almanacs (Annual Listings of Records, Results and Rankings) dating back to the first in 1952; a list of all Australians who have set world records; a full listing of every recipient of Athletics Australia’s major honours and awards and links to copies of almost every Athletics Australia Annual Report and Annual General Meeting Minutes dating back to the first produced in 1899.





Athletics Australia extends a sincere thanks to Paul Jenes, Peter Hamilton, David Tarbotton, Fletcher McEwen and work from Bert Gardiner for their work on the Australian Athletics Historical Results Pages.