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Level 3 Performance Development Coach - Course Information


The Level 3 Performance Development Coach course aims to empower coaches to design and lead effective training programs based on peer-reviewed evidence and the knowledge and experience from leading Australian coaches.

The focus of the course will be on planning and achieving long-term development of athlete performance, with an eye for establishing positive training habits that will prepare athletes for the elite pathway.  


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Target Coaching Audience

  • Senior Athletics club coaches
  • High School athletics coaches
  • Physical Education teachers
  • Private Track and Field coaches
  • Coaches specialising in an event-group and working with athletes aiming to compete at state and national-level competitions


Target Athletes

This course focusses on coaching athletes between 15 and 21 years of age, specialising in a preferred event group and aiming to compete at state and/or national-level competitions in the U15, U16, U17, U18, U20, and/or Open age categories.

FIT Model

This course gives coaches the required skills and knowledge to coach athletes in the following phases of the FIT Model of Development.

  • Training II (Specific)


Course Content

Days 1 and 2 (Practical Modules)

  • Definining Your Coaching Philosophy and Principles
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Load Management
  • Plyometric Testing
  • Aspects of Personality
  • Planning
  • Myofascial Release and Mobility
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Pool Sessions (Deep Water Running)


Days 1 and 2 (Online Modules)

  • Anatomy
  • Introduction to Biomechanics
  • Applied Biomechanics to Track and Field
  • Role of the Coach in Athlete Well-being
  • Injury Prevention and Sport Safety
  • Psychological Factors Associated with Return to Sport from Injury
  • Loading, Adaptation, and Recovery
  • Nutrition, Hydration, and Energy Availability
  • Planning and Periodisation
  • Plyometrics and Complex Training
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Introduction to Sport Psychology


Days 3 and 4 (Practical Modules)

Each event-group specific course varies according to the training priorities and coaching strategies for that event. 

Generally, both days are dedicated to teaching, analysing, and improving an advanced technical model, programming, and supplemental training strategies. 


Requirements to Gain Accreditation

  • Completion of Days 1 and 2 and Days 3 and 4 course. 
  • Completion of all Days 1 and 2 online modules and assessment task (multi-choice)
  • Completion of all Days 3 and 4 online modules and assessment task (Short Answer, Long Answer, and Programming)


Associated High Performance Pathway

Coaches working with athletes in the Target Talent Program.


Course Delivery

This course is run in two blocks - Days 1 and 2 and Days 3 and 4.

  • Days 1 and 2 - All Coaches
    Practical Course: 14 hours (held over 2 days)
    Online Modules: 8-12 hours
    Reading: 4 hours
    Assessment: 1 hour
  • Days 3 and 4 - Event-Group Specific
    Practical Course: 14 hours (held over 2 days)
    Online Modules: 2-8 hours
    Assessment: 2 hours


Required Competencies

3-PD-1: Design an effective season training program for an athlete targeting entry in the national Junior or Open Championships

3–PD-2: Effectively prepare and deliver warm up, mobility exercises, event-specific drills, strength and conditioning (including plyometrics), active recovery and pool sessions in an athlete’s training program. 

3–PD-3: Prescribe and monitor a training program that develops the biomotor abilities of athletes, with consideration of the priorities of their event group. 

3–PD-4: Understand the roles and responsibilities of athletes and coaches in regards to anti-doping.

3–PD-5: Understand methods to monitor and effectively manage training load for optimal performance and injury prevention.

3–PD-6: Use basic sports psychology techniques to optimise athlete performance. 

3–PD-7: Understand the basics of human anatomy and how it relates to athletic performance. 

3–PD-8: Have an advanced understanding of the selected event-group, including drills, faults, cause and corrections. 

3–PD-9: Use a range of methods, including using technology, to effectively analyse and provide feedback on an athlete’s technical model. 

3–PD-10: Use a range of coaching methods in the preceeding weeks and on the day to prepare an athlete for optimum performance at a target competition. 


Recognition of Prior Learning

Coaches who already hold the expected competencies of this level of accreditation can apply for recognition of prior learning here.


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