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To compete in the Australian Athletics Championships and/or Australian Junior Championships, athletes must either place at the relevant State Championships, or equal or better the Athletics Australia entry standards. Queries on entry standards are to be emailled to your state team manager. 

2024/25 Australian Championships Entry Standards (13.06.24)

2024/25 Australian Championships Para Entry Standards (as at 16.07.24)


  • The qualifying period for the Combined Events, 10,000m and 10,000mW began on 1 October 2023. 10,000m and 10,000mW may qualify on track or road.
  • The qualifying period for all other events began on 1 January 2024. Hand times appear in brackets under the electronic times. Beam (or Gate) times are not valid and are not accepted for qualifying performances.
  • Wind readings of qualifying performances may be up to 4m/s for Under-Age events and 3m/s for Open events.
  • An athlete must achieve the standard with the correct implement weight or hurdle/steeple height/distance for the applicable age group.
  • Under 23 standards are for athletes to qualify in open events and only apply to athletes born in 2002, 2003 and 2004. There is no Under 23 age group. 
  • There must be three (3) or more entries at the time of close of entries for an event to be contested in its own right.
  • For all National competitions the minimum age is 12 yrs old as at 31 December in the year of competition. 
  • Athletes must be turning 14 years of age in the year of competition in order to enter any steeplechase event. Athletes must be turning 16 years of age in the year of competition in order to enter any event in excess of 5000 metres or any men’s open throwing, hurdles or steeplechase event.
  • The first three placegetters in their own State/Territory Championships may also enter without meeting the standards above – but as the championships will be conducted using the vertical jumps starting heights and triple jump take-off boards indicated above this should be taken into account when athletes are considering using that method of entry qualification
  • Where NO EVENT is listed in the National Standards document, athletes cannot enter higher age groups in the same/similar event with the exception that in the Under 14 3000m Walk, Pole Vault, Triple Jump and Hammer Throw events those athletes turning 12 in the year of competition may enter if suitably qualified.
  • Para Athletes must have a current classificiation review or confirmed status to enter. 
  • Little Athletics events cannot be used for qualification